Vol. 128 • April 2001 • No. 7

Pius XII & the Holocaust 2
Stealth foreign policy 5
Anyone here named Richard Cohen ? 6
Lyrics to live 7
McGowan, Jo
The Balkans boil over 8
Pfaff, William
Quarried stones: In Vilnius, Lithuania, the ruins of churches & synagogues bear mute witness to the reality of faith. 9
O'Rourke, David K.
The Guess 10
Mayhall, Jane
CONTENDING WITH LIBERALISM: Where should Catholics & liberals join forces? Where should they part company? 12
Galston, William
And the Oscar goes to...: How Hollywood rewards its own 18
Alleva, Richard
The Heart Has Its Reasons 19
Baldwin, Michael
Cries from the scaffold: Opera at the cutting edge 20
Ivry, Benjamin
Time stops for no mouse: Children's books 21
Donnelly, Daria
Words Alone: Gregory Wolfe 24
Donoghue, Denis
Lying Awake: Marian Burkhart 25
Salzman, Mark
Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar 27
Kass, Amy A. & Ryan, Maura A. & Kass, Leon R.
God's best friend 31
Beeck, Frans Jozef van

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