Vol. 128 • February 2001 • No. 4

Abstinence & annoyance 2
Church, state & money 5
Mad banana disease 6
Abigail Q. McCarthy, 1915-2001 6
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
The end of NATO: Fissures in an alliance 8
Pfaff, William
All dressed in scarlet: Avery Dulles: Model theologian 9
Komonchak, Joseph A.
EMPTY CONFESSIONALS: A look back and ahead for the sacrament of reconciliation 10
O'Toole, James
EMPTY CONFESSIONALS: Do I know this guy? 13
Donnelly, Daria
EMPTY CONFESSIONALS: Not yet in line 13
Marget, Madeline
EMPTY CONFESSIONALS: Examination of conscience 14
Steinfels, Peter
AT BAYONET POINT: Facing down the Communists in China 15
Pendergast, Mary Carita
Saving the sacred past: And surviving twentieth-century German history 17
Ivry, Benjamin
Bellow 18
Atlas, James & Krupnick, Mark
Milosz's ABCs 20
Milosz, Czeslaw & Isbell, Harold
flay 20
Layton, Peter
What Government Can Do 22
Abell, W. Shepherdson & Page, Benjamin I. & Simmons, James R.
Commonweal Associates: More than a thousand points of light 25
Marchers in an ashen parade 31
Loxterkamp, David

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