Vol. 128 • February 2001 • No. 3

Body &'Sword' 4
Taxing rhetoric 5
There will always be an England 6
Hot or not? 6
Sanctions on Iraq 7
Jordan, Patrick
Catholicism & anti-Semitism: Novelist Mary Gordon's jaundiced view of John Paul II 8
Baumann, Paul
Corporal punishment: Earthshaking events in India 9
McGowan, Jo
Report from Romania 10
Davis, Robert Murray
School choice: Is the Supreme Court making room for vouchers? 11
Byrne, Harry J.
THE FILMS OF ROBERT RRESSON: Moviemaking as done by the director of 'Diary of a Country Priest' 13
Cunneen, Joseph
Chocolat Traffic: The good & bad in mind-altering substances 19
Cooper, Rand Richards
Stop the presses 21
Alleva, Richard
Our Vietnam 24
Langguth, A.J. & Appy, Chris
A Personal Odyssey 26
Sowell, Thomas
Crowd control 31
Godfrey, A.W.

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