Vol. 128 • October 2001 • No. 17

September 11 & beyond 2
Burying the dead 5
A beautiful day: WTC as seen from Queens 6
Garvey, John
My son the boy scout: How intolerant is the BSA? 7
Baumann, Paul
Rights & freedoms: New Yorkers adjust to instrusive police presence. 8
Vitullo-Martin, Julia
Biological warfare: Preparing for the unthinkable 9
Davidson, Margaret
THE SOURCES OF 'RIGHTS TALK': The UDHR & its surprising Catholic pedigree 11
YES, JESUS IS REALLY THERE: What do Catholics mean when they say they believe in the Real Presence? 14
Davidson, James D.
Lumumba: How we fought the cold war 17
Cooper, Rand Richards
Powers, J.F.
Art Song 20
Murphy, Peter E.
Talk of Love 21
Swidler, Ann & Ryan, Maura A.
The Procedure 23
Murtaugh, Charles & Mulisch, Harry & Vincent, Paul
Cultural Dilemmas of Progressive Politics 25
Hart, Stephen & McCarraher, Eugene
The innocents 31
Elie, Paul

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