Vol. 128 • September 2001 • No. 15

Correspondence 4
No voodoo economics-yet 5
The mouths of babes 6
Donnelly, Daria
Philosopher on call 8
Callahan, Sidney
Is nothing sacred?: On cabbages & stem cells 9
Garvey, John
Albanians in Macedonia 10
Pfaff, William
No easy choices: Japan honors its war dead 12
Hillenbrand, Barry
AXIOMS OF FAITH: A young writer speaks for her generation-and then some. 14
Nussbaum, Anna
OTHER VOICES: Selections from Commonweal's Younger Writers Contest 17
Naffziger, Ann & Urbanski, Grace M. & Dix, Jason A. Spak Tara K.
HISPANIC CATHOLICS: A new era in American Catholicism 19
Matovina, Timothy
Murder in Small Town X 22
Wren, Celia
Waging Modern War 24
Jaeger, Wesley K. Clark George
Kosovo 26
Buckley, William Joseph & Langan, John
The Truth of Power 28
Barber, Benjamin R. & Wolfe, Alan
Night of Stone 30
Merridale, Catherine & McWilliams, Susan
The Rackets 32
Kelly, Thomas & Deignan, Tom
Where's the beef? 38
Reidy, Maurice Timothy

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