Vol. 128 • May 2001 • No. 10

Mandate, Middle East & more 4
A just war? 5
Haight on trial 6
Caste away: Paddling against the current in India 7
McGowan, Jo
Bob Kerrey's war 8
Pfaff, William
Shun cloning 9
Murtaugh, Charles
Academic sweatshops: Adjuncts, unite! 10
Sinyai, Clayton
L'EGLISE DE FRANCE: Being Catholic in the Gallic way 12
Englund, Steven
SILENT DISSENTER: Why didn't Jacques Maritain speak up? 17
Doering, Bernard
Rondel of Charles D'Orleans, # 1 20
Krisak, Len
Bridget Jones's Diary The Widow of Saint-Pierre: Love in two cold climates 21
Cooper, Rand Richards
Anon was a woman 23
Ivry, Benjamin
The Virgin of Bennington 24
Sayers, Valerie & Norris, Kathleen
Public Vows 25
Cott, Nancy & Whitehead, Barbara Dafoe
Cold War Civil Rights 27
Dudziak, Mary L. & Summers, John
Memorial Day, Dorset, Vermont 31
Washburn, Susanne

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