Vol. 128 • January 2001 • No. 1

Damnation & praise 2
Mashed potatoes 5
Daniel Patrick Moynihan 6
Dionne, E.J. Jr.
Waugh on the media: News from Florida and Ishmaelia 7
Baumann, Paul
Toward a brainy church 8
Callahan, Sidney
Medium 9
Warren, Deborah
CAN JEWS TRUST CATHOLICS?: Moving beyond repentance to Teshuvah 12
Signer, Michael A.
1054 & ALL THAT 15
Ryan, Jerry
Beam me up: A surprising bestseller 17
Alleva, Richard
Take five: The documentary filmmaker who brought us "The Civil War" and "Baseball" turns his ear to America's most distinctive artistic achievement 20
Wren, Celia
Einstein in Love 22
Overbye, Dennis & Raymo, Chet
Orwell 24
Rodden, John & Meyers, Jeffrey
Colors of the Mountain 25
Chen, Da & Clifford, Nicholas
Religion booknotes 26
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
A modest hope for Modesta 31
Quirk, Katie

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