Vol. 127 • September 2000 • No. 16

Correspondence: Bishops & nuclear defense, Pio Nono... 4
Editorial: God talk 5
Et cetera: Confessions of a Holy Ghost writer 6
Theological note: Making doctrine 7
Surlis, Paul
Pinochet's downfall 8
Pfaff, William
Gender differences 9
Callahan, Sidney
Campaign 2000 10
McWilliams, Wilson Carey
The Berlin Wall lives 11
Rodden, John
Senser, Robert A.
Guinea Pig 14
Nicol, Alfred
Bless the Child Chuck and Buck 17
Cooper, Rand Richards
Sir Alec Guinness 19
Burris, Keith
The Gentleman from New York 21
Hodgson, Godfrey
The Human Phenomenon 23
Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de
Diversity and Distrust 25
Macedo, Stephen
Religion booknotes 26
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Fighting Ed McGlynn 31
Andreassi, Anthony D.

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