Vol. 126 • February 1999 • No. 3

Covers, colleges, confession 2
The spirit of Saint Louis 5
Explaining Bill Clinton 6
Mitcham, Marylee
February 6,1959 7
Rocks of ages 8
Callahan, Sidney
Irish arrangements: Yes, sex scandal in Ireland 9
Horgan, John
Convening Vatican II 10
Komonchak, Joseph A.
Confederate Statue at Oak Bluffs, 11
Vineyard, Martha's
'KRISTALLNACHT' REMEMBERED: Collective guilt and communal responsibility two generations later 12
Etzioni, Amitai
HILARY AND JACKIE SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE: The creative impluse at work from sibling rivalry to romantic love 16
Alleva, Richard
OUT OF THE ASHES: Anselm Kiefer at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art 18
Jordan, Patrick
Elegy for Iris by John Bayley: A unique portrait of a marriage 20
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Atlantic Crossings by Daniel T. Rodgers 22
McGreevy, John T.
Work and Welfare by Robert M. Solow edited by Amy Gutmann 24
Lasso the Wind by Timothy Egan Narking the Sparrow's Fall by Wallace Stegner edited by Page Stegner 25
Anderson, Chris
Commonweal Associates: A long and distinguished list 27
The voucher canard 31
Feuerherd, Peter

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