Vol. 126 • October 1999 • No. 17

Questions about Darwin and Christianity 2
Frontline pope 5
June 24,1938 6
A God who hurts 7
Garvey, John
Nuclear deterrence 8
Pfaff, William
Monkey business: The history of the Scopes trial one rarely hears about. 9
Vitullo-Martin, Julia
NATO after Kosovo: NATO's victory over Serbia leaves the alliance with many unanswered questions. 11
Grayson, George W.
I WAS A TEEN-AGE ATHEIST: A passage in India. 13
Mathias, Anita
DOWRY DEATHS IN INDIA: The plight of India's brides. 18
Mandelbaum, Paul
Iris and Her Friends 21
Bayley, John & Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Jesus Symbol of God 22
Haight, Roger & Cavadini, John
Russia under Western Eyes 25
Malia, Martin & McWilliams, Susan
God's Funeral 28
Wilson, A.N. & Oakes, Edward T.
Gardening for life 31
Talarico, Susette M.

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