Vol. 126 • September 1999 • No. 16

Correspondence 4
Princeton's Gradgrind 5
Against ideology: There is no one solution to the health-care crisis. 7
Callahan, Daniel
Campaign spending 9
Dionne, E.J. Jr.
Nothing is sacred 10
Horgan, John
Face value 11
Kaldenbach, Isabel
Togetherness is all 12
Coleman, John A.
THE DARWINIAN STRUGGLE: The victory of creationists in Kansas suggests that religious people need to understand the theory of evolution much better. 14
Haught, John F.
Bee in Amber 16
Smith, R.T.
Szostkiewicz, Adam
THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT THE SIXTH SENSE: There's nothing more edifying than a good scare. 20
Alleva, Richard
Theological Aesthetics 22
Viladesau, Richard & Donnelly, Daria
The Stakeholder Society 24
Ackerman, Bruce & Alstott, Anne & JayMandle
While I Was Gone 25
Miller, Sue & Keen, Suzanne
Religion booknotes 27
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
The promised land 30
Halpern, Jake

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