Vol. 126 • January 1999 • No. 1

Correspondence Cloning,campaign reform 4
Editorial Distracted nation 5
Continuing the conversation 6
McCarthy, Robert E.
Here comes the euro 7
Pfaff, Willima
What a priest does 8
Garvey, John
School vouchers 9
Gaffney, Edward McGlynn Jr.
Something To Be Reckoned with 11
Turner, James C.
Back to the Future 14
Ryan, Jerry
Very Just Below 16
Wieder, Laurance
Minimal Effects 17
Wren, Celia
The Dying of the Light by James Tunstead Burtchaell 19
Coughlan, Neil
I Married a Communist by Philip Roth 22
Brownstein, Rachel
Sabbatical Journey by Henry Nouwen 23
Williams, Bill
Religion booknotes 24
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
On line 30
Widner, Thomas C.

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