Vol. 125 • March 1998 • No. 5

Correspondence 4
Editorial 5
A new imperialism? 6
Pfaff, William
Powerful men 7
Neff, LaVonne
Our war with Mexico 8
O'Rourke, David K.
The God of Silence 10
Cavanaugh, William T.
The Nan Who Was Thursday & The Diary of Anne Frank 13
Wren, Celia
Nearer, My God 15
Coughlan, Neil
The Illustrated Jesus through the Centuries 16
Fete, Joseph
The New Religious Humanists 18
DeLaura, David J.
The Ovary of Eve 20
O'Brien, Dennis
Presences 22
Dufresne, Bethe
The Religious Sense 24
On the Padres' Trail 26
Bankston, Carl L. III
Among the monks 31
Westerfield, Nancy G.

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