Vol. 125 • June 1998 • No. 11

Correspondence 2
Editorial 5
A victory over Nike 7
Dionne, E.J. Jr.
Trivial pursuits 8
McCarthy, Abigail
The euro cometh 9
Pedraza, Jorge
Heeding the New Creation Story 11
Raymo, Chet
Underestimating the Biblical God 14
Wright, John H.
Overestimating the Power Of Science 15
Johnson, Phillip E.
Butcher Boy & Les Miserables 17
Alleva, Richard
The Herbal Bed & Golden Child 18
Wren, Celia
No Way to Exit? 20
McConnell, Frank
Henry Mitchell on Gardening 22
Segall, Vivian
Reflections of an Apollo Astronaut 23
Oser, Lee
Damascus Gate 24
Garvey, John
Religious Mystery and Rational Reflection 26
Oakes, Edward T.
Religion Booknotes 27
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Hoop Dreams 31
Schilling, Timothy P.

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