Vol. 124 • February 1997 • No. 3

Correspondence 4
follows, A review draws fire; a counterattack
Editorials 5
get?, How dotty can we
The Crusoe fallacy A former state senator from Rhode Island asks whether we are all islands unto ourselves 6
Carlin, David R. Jr.
It ain't broken 8
Buell, John
Hungry together Taking inspiration and instruction from Islam, a Catholic extols the virtues and the hardships of Lenten fasting 9
Repohl, Roger F.
FEMINISM & THE FAMILY Will the real needs of contemporary women, men, and families bring about a new feminism and a renewed sense of political engagement? It had better 11
South Slopes in Winter: The Rockies, after Years 14
Partridge, Dixie
Some Mother's Son 16
Alleva, Richard
The video messiah Our correspondent enrolls in ferry Falwell's Institute of Biblical Studies, and in so doing gives a new air of sanctity to the term "couch potato." 17
Spalding, John D.
Dead Season 19
Berlow, Alan & Magadia, Jose
Epitaph for American Labor 20
Green, Max & Higgins, George G.
Fighter with a Heart: Writings of Charles Owen Rice 22
McCollester, Charles J. & Jordan, Patrick
Resurrection of the Body in Western Christendom, 200-1336 23
Bynum, Caroline Walker & Douglas, Mary
Green eggs & ham & God 26
Cahill, Elizabeth Kirkland
Commonweal Associates 27
kiss, The honor roll of those who cover our debts, pay the rent, and feed our children. Hug, hug, ki

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