Vol. 124 • December 1997 • No. 22

Correspondence 2
Editorials Fleeing Bethlehem 5
Editorials Bah, humbug 6
The seven McCaugheys Does fertility have its limits? Where does the pursuit of happiness end? 7
Garvey, John
Fast first, then feast In England, at least one Catholic is ready to party this Christmas 8
Maitland, Sara
Letter from Oregon Doyle What Catholics ought to learn from Oregon's legalization of physician-assisted suicide 9
Moore, James & Brian
NO HUMANITARIAN Mother Teresa bristled when people called her a social worker She had good reason 11
Poplin, Mary
A Question at Duskrise 14
Fandel, John
Wings of the Dove A movie that puts what's best of Henry James up on the screen; or so says our movie critic 15
Alleva, Richard
The Scarlet Pimpernel Triumph of Love Gross Indecency 16
Wren, Celia
Four Letters of Love 18
McDermott, by Niall Williams Alice
Edmund Wilson Edited 20
Baumann, by Lewis M Dabney Paul
The Angel of Darkness 21
Deignan, by Caleb Can Thomas
Index to Volume CXXIV 24
George Bailey's secret life A Christmas classic deconstructed 31
Deneen, Patrick J

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