Vol. 124 • July 1997 • No. 13

Correspondence Paul Baumann and columnist David R Carlin, Jr, engage in colloquy with their critics 2
O'HARE, PADRAIC & DONOHUE, WILLIAM A. & HALE, JOHN P. & JR., DAVID R. CARLINI & Baumann, Paul & Horowitz, Irving Louis
Editorial Now the hard part 5
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Et Cetera Ban the bun 6
Notebook Breakfast special 7
Baumann, Paul
White noise Writers who cut through the soulless ness of our time 8
Garvey, John
Don't tear down fences Boundaries bestow benefits 9
Jr, David R Carlin
THE GOOD SIDE OF GOING GLOBAL Globalization has become the new bugbear of liberal economists But they forget the benefits of growth 11
Mandle, Jay
The Boys of Summer Distant Cries 13
Jones, Robert C & Watkins, William John
TO END SWEET SHOPS In response to new consumer awareness, heightened by globalization, big-name companies with labor contractors abroad have begun to institute labor codes 14
Senser, Robert A
THE LURE OF AMERICAN JOBS From Oaxaca, Mexico, to north of the border and back-but with precious little to show for it 16
Stout, Robert Joe
Citizen Ruth Can the abortion conflict be entertainingly satirized? From gun-toting, born-again prolifers to lesbian pro-chokers, Citizen Ruth is a surprisingly effective spoof 18
Alleva, Richard
Millennium 19
McConnell, Frank
The Gospel according to the Son Mailer's attempt to reimagine the Gospel is not nearly as awful as his critics would have you believe But neither is it very illuminating by Norman Mailer 21
Miles, Jack
Walker Percy by Patrick Samway 22
Bottom, J
Upholding Mystery Edited by David Impastato 24
Donnelly, Daria
And God Saw That It Was Good Edited by Drew Christiansen and Walter Grazer The Best Preaching on Earth Edited by Stan L LeQuire 26
Simpson, William
The Case against the Global Economy Edited by Jerry Mander and Edward Goldsmith 27
Zmirak, John
Try, try again 30
Mosio, Jacqueline Bell

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