Vol. 123 • January 1996 • No. 2

Correspondence 4
Editorial Back to basics Religion and political liberalism Old friends or forever enemies ? 5
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Flytes of fancy Evelyn Waugh might not have liked the film but he did like the book Our associate editor likes both 6
Baumann, Paul
Gender & priesthood The Orthodox are not ready to ordain women priests-far from it But they think it is wise to keep talking about the matter 7
Garvey, John
AUTHORITY, PRIESTHOOD, WOMEN First, a brief history of the surprisingly untidy, much-debated doctrine of infallibility Then, a panel of theologians weighs the infallibility of the recent declarations on women's ordination INFALLIBILITY I & II 8
Ford, John T
Responses to Rome 11
Johnson, Elizabeth A
Responses to Rome 12
Novak, Michael
A Lamb in Lion Time 13
Alma, Nasira
Responses to Rome 14
Cahill, Lisa Sowle
Responses to Rome 15
Komonchak, Joseph A
Responses to Rome 16
O'Gara, Margaret
Responses to Rome 18
Murphy, Francis X
Nixon By temperament, Oliver Stone is ideally suited to capture the paranoid style in Nixonian politics 19
Alleva, Richard
The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom edited by John A Hardon From the Angel's Blackboard by Fulton Sheen 21
Garvey, Michael O
Handbook of Catholic Theology edited by Wolfgang Beinert and Francis Schussler Fiorenza The HarperCollins Encyclopedia Of Catholicism edited by Richard P McBrien 23
Komonchak, Joseph A
Christology by Gerald O'Collins 25
Imbelli, Robert P
Why Should Jews Survive? by Michael Goldberg 27
Schwartz, Jack
Oklahoma City: Ground Zero 31
Bernstein, Mark F

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