Vol. 122 • January 1995 • No. 1

Correspondence: 2
Editorial: 3
Shifting allegiance: 4
Ties that bind (& knot): 6
Buckley, Francis J.
Shared treasure: 7
McManus, Frederick R.
Cockroaches aren't God: 8
Callahan, Sidney
Doubling the wager: 9
Garvey, John
When a Christian chants the Qur'an: 11
Dardess, George
Poetry: 13
Root, William Pitt
Media: 16
McConnell, Frank
Stage: 18
Crossing the Threshold of Hope, by Pope John Paul II: 21
Steinfels, Peter
Race and Culture, by Thomas Sowell: 22
Wycliff, Don
Religious booknotes: 25
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Taking umbrage: 30
Byrne, Katharine

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