Vol. 121 • November 1994 • No. 20

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
Rome speaks 4
Kinship is forever 5
Callahan, Sidney
An alienating culture 7
Garvey, John
Dissent & communion 9
Steinfels, Margaret O 'Brien
Poetry 14
Porter, Anne
My patron, Thomas the doubter 16
Elie, Paul
The Community of Sant'Egidio 20
Imbelli, Robert P.
'Commonweal' & the 'Catholic Worker' 24
Jordan, Patrick
Six decades of rewarding struggle 26
Skillin, Edward S.
Poetry 28
Partridge, Dixie
Screen 30
Alleva, Richard
Media 31
McConnell, Frank
Testing the Gospel story 33
Johnson, Luke Timothy
From the Heart of the American Church, David J. O'Brien 36
Marsden, George M.
Two Steps Ahead of the Thought Police, John Leo 38
Hoyt, Robert G.
Catholic Lives/Contemporary America, edited Thomas J. Ferraro 39
Freeman, Mary Lee
Gender and Discourse, Deborah Tannen 41
O'Brien, Dennis
Liberal for the right reasons 45
Clancy, William P.
Poor for the right reasons 46
Day, Dorothy

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