Vol. 121 • November 1994 • No. 19

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
Anne Porter 4
Deen, Rosemary
A coroner's report 4
Roller, Christopher F.
Dostoevsky lives 6
'Grady, Desmond O
One troubled family 8
Gaffney, Edward McGlynn Jr.
The child comes first 9
McCarthy, Abigail
Blood & grace 11
Arnold, Edwin T.
Poetry 15
Porter, Anne
Screen 16
Alleva, Richard
Media 19
McConnell, Frank
A shot across the brow 22
Marty, Martin E.
Arrogant Capital, Kevin Phillips/ Demosclerosis, Jonathan Rauch 26
Byrnes, Timothy A.
Vinegar Hill, A. Manette Ansay 28
Toolan, David
Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind, Maura O'Halloran 30
Elie, Paul
Dr. Johnson and Mr. Savage, Richard Holmes 32
Wheeler, Edward T.
True North, Jill Ker Conway 34
Marget, Madeline
Dictatorship of Virtue, Richard Bernstein 36
Worth, Robert F.
Religious booknotes 37
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Cinéma-vérité 46
Morelli, Mark

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