Vol. 121 • October 1994 • No. 17

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
Notebook 4
Baumann, Paul
Experiencing the tradition 5
Anderson, Chris
'A mobilization of shame' 6
Drinan, Robert F.
Paradigms in peril 8
Callahan, Sidney
A different kind of knowing 9
Garvey, John
The withering of the working class 11
Carlin, David R. Jr.
What would John Courtney Murray say? 16
Whitmore, Todd David
Poetry 18
Partridge, Dixie
Screen 22
Alleva, Richard
A Justice for All, Kim Isaac Eisler/Learned Hand, Gerald Gunther 24
Sracic, Paul A.
The Book of Intimate Grammar, by David Grossman 26
Gediman, Paul
The New Dictionary of Catholic Social Thought, edited by Judith Dwyer 28
Higgins, George G.
Doubting Thomas 31
Doyle, Dennis M.

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