Vol. 120 • November 1993 • No. 20

Correspondence: 2
Editorials: 3
The Tories say goodby: 4
Bishop, Jordan
Make Gotham governable: 5
Katz, Wallace
Clinton's foreign policy: 7
Hehir, J. Bryan
Virtue by the numbers: 8
Callahan, Sidney
Love your enemy: 10
Garvey, John
The end of Zionism: 11
Cantor, Norman F.
Poetry: 12
Applebaum, David
`Ex corde ecclesiae' and its ordinances: A discussion: 14
Pampusch, Anita M. & Hunt, John F. & Saunders, Paul C. & Komonchak, Joseph A. & Curran, Charles E.
Screen: 27
Alleva, Richard
Poland's Jump to the Market Economy: 29
Byrnes, Timothy A.
Dead Man Walking: 30
Hochman, Hilary

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