Vol. 11 • December 1929 • No. 7

The Year within the Year 181
Week by Week 183
Needles in a Haystack 185
America and the Aged 187
Hayes, Carlton J. H.
The Old Guard Passes 189
jr., William C. Murphy
The Methods of Mr. Barnes 190
Gillis, James M.
Shepherd of Shepherds (verse) 193
Brunini, John Gilland
Can There Be Religious Peace? 194
Rothwell, Bernard J.
The Crèche (verse) 196
Brink, Carol Ryrie
Green Sofa and Open Fire 197
Sumner, Diana
Delayed Letter (verse) 197
Welch, Marie de L.
The Play 198
Skinner, Richard Dana
Winter Landscape (verse) 199
Jesson, F. S.
Communications 200
Books 202
Lapp, John A. & Ross, J. Elliot & Morton, David & Mitchell, Broadus & Chase, Mary Ellen & Thompson, Charles Willis

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