Vol. 11 • April 1930 • No. 26

Reviving the World Court 723
Week by Week 724
Williams, Michael
May-Day Matters 727
Foundations of Culture 729
Ryan, James Hugh
Places and Persons 732
Williams, Michael
A New Voice in the South 734
Mitchell, Broadus
Catholic Clannishness 736
Donovan, Joseph P
The Palestine Report 737
Sheean, Vincent
Magnet (verse) 739
Hartsock, Ernest
In Tyrol 740
Abbott, Charles David
Dies Irae (verse) 741
French, Joseph Lewis
The Play 741
Skinner, Richard Dana
Approach to Truth (verse) 743
Ritter, Margaret Tod
Communications 744
DESMOND, JAMES F. & BURKE, REV. JOHN E. & MAYER, REV. A. M. & Fitzpatrick, Edward A.
Books 748
Brunini, John A Lapp, Leo R Ward, David Morton, Cornelius J Connolly, J Elliot Ross, John Gilland

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