Vol. 119 • November 1992 • No. 19

Correspondence 2
Editorials 3
Editor's notebook 4
Baumann, Paul
John Tracy Ellis, R.I.P. 5
Higgins, George G.
Go look it up 7
Anderson, Chris
A school for the elected 9
McCarthy, Abigail
The idea of a Christian commonwealth 11
Cantor, Norman F.
Poetry 17
Vito, E.B. de
Screen 18
Alleva, Richard
Stage 20
Weales, Gerald
Pilgrim in the Ruins 23
Coles, Robert
Poetry 24
Moritz, A. F.
Virgin Time 27
Elie, Paul
Doing Well and Doing Good 30
Weakland, Rembert G.
Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being 31
McConnell, Frank
Beginning with My Streets/Provinces: Poems 1987-1991/The Collected Poems 1931-1987 33
Keen, Suzanne
A Far Glory 35
Wuthnow, Robert
Holy Siege 37
Cort, John C.
Live from Golgotha 38
Malin, Irving
Religious Booknotes 40
Cunningham, Lawrence S.

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