Vol. 119 • September 1992 • No. 15

Correspondence 2
Editorials 3
UN sanctions in Iraq 4
Schroth, Raymond A.
Peru deconstructs 6
Chauvin, Lucien
Crimes & punishments 8
McCarthy, Abigail
Stopping the press in Pittsburgh 9
Gibbons, Russell W.
Special Supplement The Laity 11
Doyle, Ed Marciniak, Dolores Leakey, Katharine Byrne, Paul Elie, Gregory F. Augustine, Pierce, Ed Se
The laity & the shape of things to come 23
Murnion, Philip J.
Book reviews 30
Smith, James R. Kelly, Paul E. Dinter, Mary 0 'Neil Good, Karen Sue
Screen 40
Alleva, Richard
Stage 42
Weales, Gerald
Isaac Hecker 43
Higgins, George G.

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