Vol. 119 • August 1992 • No. 14

Correspondence 2
Editorials 3
Hey, the '80s are over 5
Dionne, EJ. Jr.
Is Macedonia next? 7
Broun, Janice
Summer work 8
Elshtain, Eric P.
Sit down & shut up 9
Carlin, David R. Jr.
What the Orthodox say 11
Garvey, John
They had a dream 13
Cooper, William B.
Poetry 15
Perrault, John
The coldness of clarity, the warmth of love 16
Komonchak, Joseph A.
Chesterton's Brown & Greeley's Blackie 18
Lamb, A.W.R.Sipe, B.C.
Art 25
Siegel, Lee
Stage 27
Weales, Gerald
Screen 28
Alleva, Richard
The Gates of Ivory 30
Keen, Suzanne
The Interior Castle 31
Malin, Irving
Waugh discovers America 32
Elie, Paul
Killing the Wizards 34
Marget, Madeline
Care of the Soul 35
Neafsey, James

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