Vol. 118 • May 1991 • No. 9

Correspondence 274
Editorials 275
The sources of desire 277
Baumann, Paul
Dropping in on the Shakers 279
Elie, Paul
A syllabus for progress 280
Carlin, David R. Jr.
From Leo XIII to John Paul II 281
Hehir, J. Bryan
A wealth of notions 283
Piehl, Mel
Mrs. George Orwell 288
Byrne, Katharine
Broken pieces 291
Douglas, Deborah Smith
Poetry 292
Richards, Marilee
Stage 293
Weales, Gerald
Screen 294
Baumann, Paul
Media 296
McConnell, Frank
The Age of Diminished Expectations 297
Feffer, John
Iron John 299
Neafsey, James
Modem Catholicism 300
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Abortion 300
Hoyt, Robert G.

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