Vol. 118 • December 1991 • No. 22

Correspondence 738
Editorials 739
Let civilians govern 741
White, Robert E.
Oy! Koumenism 742
Garvey, John
Awaiting this year's revelation 744
Baumann, Paul
Prickly pears and peace talks 746
White, Patrick
Screen 748
Alleva, Richard
Stage 750
Weales, Gerald
Poetry 751
Porter, Anne
A Christmas alphabet 752
Braybrooke, Neville
The Virgin and the Mousetrap/The Joy of Insight 754
Haegel, Nancy M.
An Alley in Chicago/Geno/The Last Priests in America 756
Cort, John C.
Locos/Chromos 758
Stavans, Ilan

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