Vol. 118 • September 1991 • No. 15

Correspondence 498
Editorials 499
The Soviet coup 500
Barnard, Patrick
Capping a gusher 502
Riga, Peter
The new/old abortion battle 504
Carlin, David R. Jr.
The country of the old 505
McCarthy, Abigail
The singer of all our songs 507
Haegel, Nancy M.
Poetry 509
Cadnum, Michael & Hodor, Timothy
Praying at Auschwitz 510
Klenicki, Leon
Screen 513
Alleva, Richard
Stage 515
Weales, Gerald
Dance 516
Seibert, Gary
Dead Certainties 519
Castronovo, David
Exporting Democracy 520
White, Robert E.
Resuscitation of a Hanged Man 522
Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories 524
Stavans, Ilan

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