Vol. 118 • June 1991 • No. 12

Correspondence 386
Editorials 387
What did you know? 389
Barnard, Patrick
Making facts, not peace 390
White, Patrick
A waste of time? 392
Garvey, John
Reordering the world 393
Hehir, J. Bryan
Keep your prayers to yourself? 395
Douglass, R. Bruce
The water is deep 399
Marget, Madeline
Poetry 402
IIl, Carl L. Bankston
Time to get off the bus? 403
Fuerst, J. S.
Stage 405
Weales, Gerald
Poetry 406
Mead, S.E.
Screen 406
Alleva, Richard
Dickens 408
Wheeler, Edward T.
In the Parish of the Poor 409
Hogan, John P.
Palace of Desire 410
Castronovo, David
The New Medicine and the Old Ethics 412
Spiro, Howard

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