Vol. 117 • March 1990 • No. 6

Correspondence 170
Editorials 171
New world, new roles: 174
Hehir, J. Bryan
Couldn't happen Did: 175
Garvey, John
Reviving the truth, making it heard: 177
Urioste, Ricardo
Can this war ever end?: 180
Lacefield, Patrick
Reparations: Attention must be paid: 184
Martin-Bard, Ignacio
Poetry: 186
Leopold, Nikia
Vietnam according to Oliver Stone: 187
Appy, Christian
Media: 189
McConnell, Frank
Stage: 190
Weales, Gerald
Liberation Theology at the Crossroads: 191
White, Robert E.
The Brideshead Generation: 192
Moore, Arthur J.
The Undeserving Poor: 194
Jameson, Kenneth P.

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