Vol. 117 • November 1990 • No. 19

Correspondence 626
Editorials 627
Robin Hood's merry plan 630
Hoyt, Michael & Schoonmaker, Mary Ellen
Lost in transition 632
Dufresne, Bethe
A father's death 633
Corbett, Jennifer
Poetry 634
Houston, Beth
Holy ground 635
Mary Abigail McCarthy 636
McCarthy, Abigail
Hold that line 637
Carlin, David R. Jr.
The book of B 639
Miles, Jack
The way things are 642
Elie, Paul
The laughing cemetery 646
Butt, William
Poetry 651
Blumenthal, Jay A. & Overton, Ron & Nixon, John Jr.
Screen 652
Alleva, Richard
Stage 654
Weales, Gerald
In Mysterious Ways 655
The Civil Rights Era/The Closest of Strangers 658
Siegel, Fred
The Burning Season/The World Is Burning 660
Page, Joseph A.
The General in His Labyrinth 662
Siegel, Lee
Making Saints 664
Zahn, Gordon C.
Carnal Knowing 666
Ellsberg, Peggy R.
Memories of My Life in a Polish Village 668
Reimer, Jack

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