Vol. 117 • January 1990 • No. 1

Correspondence 2
Editorials 3
Uncertain future 5
Crahan, Margaret E.
Champagne for the losers 6
Schalk, Adolph
Interdependence for all 7
Hehir, J. Bryan
If nothing is knowable. . . WHY BOTHER WITH EDUCATION? 8
Carlin, David R. Jr.
Semantics & style in an abortion campaign 10
Segers, Mary C.
Playing for time in the Middle East 13
Goldberg, J. J.
Screen 16
O'Brien, Tom
Stage 18
Weales, Gerald
Democracy and Its Critics 19
Hale, Dennis
A Thief in the Night 20
Bannon, Barbara A.
Straight Shooting 22
Wycliff, Don
Whose Keeper? 23
Elshtain, Jean Bethke

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