Vol. 116 • March 1989 • No. 6

Correspondence 162
Editorials 163
The Curran case 164
day, judgment
To teach or not? 165
Offensive defenders 166
Garvey, John
Sex (how about love?) on Catholic campuses 169
O'Brien, David J.
Sex, gender, & love 171
Covino, Paul F. X
The honeymoon's over 172
O'Sullivan, Maureen
The scary fidelity of Jesus 173
Garvey, Michael
Educators aren't parents 174
Spaeth, Robert L.
Merging spheres 175
Braybeck, Mary M.
Screen 177
O'Brien, Tom
Poetry 178
Shepard, Roy
Freud 179
Taylor, Eugene
Our Children and Our Country 181
O'Brien, Dennis
Easter in Ordinary 183
Himes, Michael J.

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