Vol. 114 • May 1987 • No. 9

Correspondence 258
Editorials 259
A 'yes' for democracy 262
Compa, Lance
Partners in conflict 265
Lowenthal, Abraham F.
El Salvador: the new face of war 275
Shiras, Peter
Swaggart swings through El Salvador 279
Lacefield, Patrick
The great Brazilian land grab 288
Powers, Arthur
Verse 289
Ponsot, Marie
We dare to say 'Our Father' 291
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Dance 293
McDonagh, Don
Beauty in a world of schlock 294
Utopia in Power 297
Menashe, Louis
God and Nature 298
McCue, James F.
The Substance of Things Hoped For 300
Toolan, David

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