Vol. 114 • October 1987 • No. 18

Correspondence 578
Editorials 579
Peace plan problems 580
Robinson, Linda
No benefit of appeal 582
Minutes of the parents' meeting 582
Bell, Robert H.
Politics won't cure death 584
Garvey, John
Gorbachev's uncertain reformation 586
Hahn, Jeffrey W.
Still waiting for the millennium 592
Broun, Janice
Lithuania, land of the unquenchable wick 594
Broun, Janice
Will 'glasnost' reach the Jews? 596
Levin, Nora
Art 599
Gardner, James
Screen 601
O'Brien, Tom
Evelyn Waugh 602
Braybrooke, Neville
Out of the Night 604
Verkamp, Bernard J.
Storming Heaven 605
Toolan, David

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