Vol. 114 • September 1987 • No. 15

Correspondence 466
Editorials 467
Archie Bunker, roll over 470
Rosenberg, Jan
Uses of spectacle 472
McCarthy, Abigail
Contemplation exploded in my heart 474
Mitcham, Marylee
A record that speaks for itself 477
Flaherty, Francis
Bound by the Constitution 481
Degnan, Daniel A.
The peripatetic pope 484
Collins, Paul
Catholic rights 485
Swidler, Leonard
Heritage abandoned? 487
Steinfels, Peter
Homosexuality & the priesthood 493
Screen 498
O'Brien, Tom
Dance 499
McDonagh, Don
The troubling truth 501
Jones, Robert
Religious Thought and the Modern Psychologies 505
Fontinell, Eugene
Reckoner/Skating with Mother Grace 506
Koestenbaum, Wayne
To Dance with God 508
Howe, Fanny
Hungary and the Soviet Bloc 509
Sanders, Ivan

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