Vol. 114 • August 1987 • No. 14

Correspondence 434
Editorials 435
Pressing North: questions they didn't ask 437
Garvey, John
A Study in contrast: Central America & the Persian Gulf 439
Hehir, J. Bryan
Prayer & the Pursuit of Public Virtue 440
Macchiarola, Frank
Baby-boomearang: why the Democrats can't count on generational politics 442
Siegel, Fred
Out of India: Karma & Christ 446
Moynihan, Maura
Not a syllogism but a poem 452
Buckley, Christopher
Screen 457
O'Brien, Tom
The Futurist Movement: Illusion and Truth on the Psychoanalytic Stage 459
materer, Timothy
Of Love and Shadows 460
Gernes, Sonia
Theaters of the Mind 462
Eigen, Michael

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