Vol. 114 • May 1987 • No. 10

Correspondence 306
Editorials 307
How to keep the pro-life movement small 308
Thomas-Bailey, Jane
Religious distraction 310
Burris, Keith C.
Asceticism & the evil one 311
Garvey, John
Science & the ways to God 313
Rolston, Holmes III
Letters from 'the kingdom of night' 316
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Screen 318
O'Brien, Tom
Stage 320
Weales, Gerald
Verse 321
Fandel, John
Eyes that do not sleep at dawn 322
Deen, Rosemary
The Body Silent 324
Jackall, Robert
Tales of a New America 326
Clark, Jack
Due East 329
Mitcham, Carl
A Theology of Artistic Sensibilities 332
Nelson, Mary Carroll
Time's Covenant 334
Finn, James

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