Vol. 113 • June 1986 • No. 12

Correspondence 354
Editorials 355
Mainstream currents 359
Burris, Keith C.
The dogs never lie 360
McManus, Philip
More than sentiment 361
Garvey, John
Nuclear ethics for strategists & policymakers 363
Hehir, J. Bryan
The precarious road 364
Rosenthal, Peggy
Verse 367
Smith, LeRoy Jr.
Contemplation & controversy 368
Fleischner, Eva
A witness to the world 371
Healy, T.R.
Verse 373
Deppe, Anne Porter, Theodore
Screen 374
O'Brien, Tom
The need for superstars 375
Middleton, Robert G.
The First Coming 377
Thompson, William M.
Brave New People/Making Babies/A Question of Life 379
Shannon, Thomas A.
The Diary of Beatrice Webb 381
Braybrooke, Neville
Benjamin Constant and the Making of Modern Liberalism 382
Valelly, Richard M.
Christians and the Military 382
Steinfels, Peter

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