Vol. 112 • September 1985 • No. 16

Correspondence 482
Editorials 483
Murderous evil 485
Garvey, John
Who's the boss? 486
Bell, Robert H.
Staking claim to the family 488
Reading the Establishment Clause 492
Devins, Neal & Feder, Benjamin
Verse 495
Park, Clara Claiborne & Hirschfield, Robert & Smith, LeRoy Jr.
Morality: the deepening crisis 496
Cahill, Lisa Sowle
Screen 499
O'Brien, Tom
Without God, Without Creed 501
Marsden, George M.
Hotel du Lac 502
Jones, Robert
Such a Vision of the Street 503
Cahill, Susan
Outliving the Self 504
Tipton, Steven
Reasons to Live/Self-Help 505
Drzal, Dawn Ann
All God's Children 507
Jordan, Patrick
A Weed for Burning 507
Howard, Dick
The Body of Faith 508
Rosenthal, Abigail L.
The Structure of Biblical Myths 508
Toolan, David

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