Vol. 112 • May 1985 • No. 10

Correspondence 292
Editorials 293
Who is responsible? 295
Cassidy, Kevin J.
'Bringing up Daddy' 296
Bell, Robert H.
The last solitude 298
Garvey, John
With blood and indelible ink 300
Sax, Boria
The writer and the cuttlefish 302
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Brien, Tom O'
Confessing our selves 305
Jones, Robert
Habits of the Heart 308
Beatty, Jack
Pope John XXIII 309
Deedy, John
Religious booknotes 310
Gerhart, Mary
Black Robe 313
Breslin, John R.
Rethinking the Soviet Experience 314
Menashe, Louis
The Tenth Man 316
Christman, Elizabeth
Distant Neigbors 318
Page, Joseph A.

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