Vol. 111 • December 1984 • No. 22

Correspondence 674
Editorials 675
Die or say goodbye 676
Bernstein, Dennis & Blitt, Connie
The pluralism puzzle 677
Garvey, John
A different kind of politics 679
Kelly, Mary Pat
A positive alternative for religious investors 683
Screen 686
O'Brien, Tom
Verse 687
Swanson, Robert & Finch, Roger & Jacobsen, Josephine
Dance 688
McDonagh, Don
The renegade haunted by God 690
Lauder, Robert E.
The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion 692
Toolan, David
Prince of Peace 694
O'Rourke, William
Up in the Park 696
Jordan, Patrick

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