Vol. 111 • October 1984 • No. 18

Correspondence 548
Editorials 549
Cuomo & the lay voice 550
McCarthy, Abigail
SDI: new technologies but old questions 552
Hehir, J. Bryan
The Merton we knew 553
Ferry, W.H. & Bamberger, John Eudes & Lax, Robert
Screen 557
O'Brien, Tom
Stage 558
Weales, Gerald
Margaret Mead 560
Shore, Bradd
God Knows 561
Wells, Joel
How to Save the Catholic Church 563
Imbelli, Robert
Morte D'Author 564
Harkness, James
The War of the End of the World 566
Christ, Ronald
Machine Dreams 567
Phillips, Robert
The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci 568
O'Malley, John W.
Growth in Agreement 570
Fahey, Michael A.
A Social History of England 572
Steinfels, Peter

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