Vol. 111 • June 1984 • No. 12

Correspondence 354
Editorials 355
Getting the Irish Up 358
Kirby, Peadar
Drift & rift 359
Hackett, Clifford
No roadblocks to death 361
Bowen, Gordon L.
The quiet strength of liberation theology 365
Gudorf, Christine
Verse 367
Ducey, Jean
Sinking into homelessness 368
Hope, Marjorie & Young, James
Lockout by Litton 371
Clark, Jack
Screen 373
O'Brien, Tom
"La teologia de la liberation en debate 375
Schussler-Fiorenza, Francis
The Romance of Commerce and Culture 377
Fox, Richard Wightman
Budding Prospects 379
Kaplan, Howard
To Share with God's Poor 380
Garvey, John
Aimi Cesaire 382
Kramer, Steven Philip

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