Vol. 110 • April 1983 • No. 7

Correspondence 194
GILL, BARRY & Dick, Jack & KALES, JOYCE D. & NIEBRZYDOWSKI, CHRISTINE & Finn, James & Rosenthal, Peggy
Editorials 195
O'Gara, James
Paying attention: 196
Malone, Nancy M
If Norman Podhoretz were alive today: 198
Garvey, John
Does free exercise stop at the schoolhouse door?: 200
Wright, Elliott
The cloud of inconsistency: 202
Jr, David R Carlin
In math & science, an 'F': 204
Baruch, Jeremiah
Screen: 210
Jr, Colin L Westerbeck
What would you recommend?: A college introduction to philosophy & theology: 211
Burrell, Robert J Egan, Daniel C Maguire, Monika K Hellwig, David
Thomas More/Statesman and Saint: 216
Herr, Dan
Family Happiness: 218
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Beat Not the Poor Desk: 220
Summerfleld, Geoffrey

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