Vol. 10 • October 1929 • No. 23

The Illusion of Mr. Shearer 571
Week by Week 572
Bloody Bill Barnes 576
Thinking and Tradition 577
The Senate Looks at Unemployment, II. 578
Ryan, John A.
Summer Cabin (VERSE) 580
Wagner, Charles A.
Claudel's Play of Paradox 581
Bregy, Katherine
What Have the Faithful Sung? 583
Schaezler, Karl
Law and Law Enforcement 585
Mattern, Johannes
Thither Are My Sorrows (VERSE) 587
Concepcion, M. de Gracia
In a Convent Garden 587
Sister, A Maryknoll
Death Dread (VERSE) 588
Espina, Concha
Communications 589
The Play 591
Skinner, Richard Dana
Books 593
Shuster, George N. & Brunini, John Gilland & Cunningham, Doris & Healy, Patrick J. & Milton, George Fort

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