Vol. 109 • October 1982 • No. 17

Correspondence 514
Editorials 515
Unseating a King 516
Dionne, E. J.
Varnish on the waffles 518
Garvey, John
The road to Masada 520
Powers, Thomas
Vatican II: twenty years later 522
Imbelli, Robert P.
Steel-ing for battle 526
Benson, David & Metzgar, Jack
Ten days that shook my world 528
Greene, Pat Ryan
Screen 531
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
The thirties & Clifford Who? 531
Maloff, Saul
Basic Ecclesial Communities/Bible of the Oppressed/The Finger of God/Worship and Politics/The Challenge of Liberation Theology/To Change the World 535
Hennelly, Alfred T.
William Carlos Williams 537
Corwin, Phillip
Mexico Bay 538
Booth, Rosemary
Beyond Ideology 540
Ratte, John
Christs 542
Bregman, Lucy

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